Something has been weighing on me. It has to do with the idea out there that the primary good to be sought after is happiness. It’s not that I have anything against being happy. I think that I am happy. But I don’t think you can use happiness as your primary litmus test for if […]

Recently, in the debate about whether or not Catholics worship the Pope with Pastor Meadows, he took the occasion to remind me of an ex-priest by the name of Richard Bennett. Mr. Bennett has since made it his life’s work to try to bring others out of the Catholic Church. I have read his story […]

My great grandmother recorded her life story on a single cassette tape some years before she died. I never knew my great grandmother, so this cassette tape is my only experience of her. She has such an interesting story, and one that is full of tragedy, grace, and loneliness. Some day I would like to […]

Today I got an e-mail from a friend, inviting me to join her in adopting a Cardinal of the Church to specifically pray for during the selection process of the new Pope. I went to the website:¬† There you can put in your name and e-mail and the website will generate at random a Cardinal […]

Recently I was reading on a Reformed Baptist Blog a piece entitled “From One Anti-Christ to Another, Thoughts on the Papal Transition,” in which the author, Pastor Meadows, asserted several things about the Catholic Church in order to create an elaborate case that the Pope is in fact an anti-Christ if not THE Anti-Christ. Most […]

Backing up a little bit, I chose my college when a dear friend of mine (who went there) came home one day with friends from school. I went to have dinner with them, and I LOVED the conversations we were having. These people talked about REAL things! They were not gossipy or trivial, and I […]

Part of my story is that I am a Catholic convert – I am a former member of the Reformed Baptist Church, which I will just say is an unusual co-mingling of credo-baptism and¬†Calvinism. I don’t have any hard feelings about my upbringing in the Reformed Baptist Church, and I didn’t leave because of a […]